Our Mission:

"To know Christ and make him known."

684 N. Harbor City Blvd.
Melbourne, FL


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Palmdale Presbyterian Church is one of several churches in the Melbourne, FL area which is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA). In a day when many denominations and churches have departed from or compromised the Scriptures, we unashamedly confess God's Word to be true and relevant for our day.


We are attempting to be faithful to Christ, the King and head of the Church, and to His Word, the Bible. Therefore. . .

We believe in the holiness and love of God. We acknowledge that God is a holy God and that everyone, because of sin, needs to be reconciled to Him through His Son Jesus Christ, accomplished by the Holy Spirit changing hearts. We are committed to proclaiming this truth.

We believe in the Lordship of Christ. As Christians, we believe in Christ's Lordship for our personal lives and our growing in likeness to Him. We believe that Christ ultimately rules over all things and that all parts of God's creation are obligated to conform to His Word. We are committed to working toward this goal.

We believe in worship that honors that Lord. Our worship is not designed to entertain or honor man, but rather to gather as a people to concentrate our attention upon God. As we do, we find Him faithful to meet our needs. We are committed to heartfelt, God-honoring worship.

We believe in the infallibility and inerrancy of the Scriptures. We believe the Bible to be without error and sufficient to guide us as to what we are to believe and how we are to live. We are committed to the study of God's Word, trusting His Spirit to enable us to use our minds to correctly interpret His truth and apply it to all of life.

We believe in the unity of the body of Christ. We are united to each other as part of God's family in Christ. We are each unique, with needs and abilities answering to the needs and abilities of one another. We are attempting to practice God's love, forgiveness, truth, and patience in our relationships. Often, we fail, but we are perseveringly committed to being family as our Father wants us to be.


Besides many opportunities of service both within and outside the church, there are many occasions for worship, fellowship, and growth: Sunday morning worship, Sunday School, Sunday evening gathering with study and music for all age groups, Bible studies, Presbyterian Women groups, special retreats and conferences on missions or family, youth activities, ministries in low income housing and nursing homes, etc. Some activities and ministries change as our circumstances are altered. While the church provides a program, our people are not dependent upon the church before they get together to study Scripture, pray or enjoy each other's fellowship.


We would like for you to visit with us, not just once, but a few times. It's often difficult to worship in unfamiliar surroundings; more than one visit would put you more at ease in worship and allow you to become better acquainted with us as a church and as individuals. We welcome questions and comments and are happy to discuss with you any matter of concern.


Sunday School 9:15 a.m.
Morning Worship 10:30 a.m.

Other activities and times are listed in weekly bulletins.

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